Olympian and Author of “Ferry to Cooperation Island”, Carol Newman Cronin

Carol and I started first talking about her love of the water. We segued into the mentality of being a sailor. Next up was creating the island of Brenton and the unique personalities in “Ferry to Cooperation Island”. We did discuss the 2020 Olympics. Focusing through COVID-19 and the future of USA Sailing.

Her imagery in “Ferry to Cooperation Island” fills your mind with vivid imagery of her world, “Each overhead flash of blue, green, red, and white illuminated the smiling crowd; eight full patio tables, and blankets and beach chairs covering the lawn.”

She did try sneaking in a cop out in the Rockin’ 8.

Go out and get “Ferry to Cooperation Island” now.

Ferry to Cooperation Island Author goes Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon

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