AuthorSean D

I love to hear the word yes.

My grandparents were special people, lived through the great depression, and had amazing stories from their time in the Army Air Corps and as a Speech & Hearing Pathologist. Those stories are lost to time because they were never recorded nor saved. That’s on me.

Beyond the Mic was created because our world is a rich tapestry and everyone has a story. My boss once had someone pushing an interview with an American Idol contestant. He didn’t want to do the interview. I poked my head in his office and said, “I got it.” That star told me the four to five minutes of boilerplate interview stuff, but in the last 3 questions the guest opened up in a new way. From one conversation five years ago now over 400 where there is always one piece of gold left in the pan at the end of our time together.

I want to help people record their favorite stories so they are saved forever. Before we begin I’m going to ask you to keep in your head one question. “Will you share with us your story?”

While still playing on the air I had great interview opportunities that never made it to air. Some were due to length, others were because of topic. It was time to flip the table on the rules. Any topic / guest is welcome, but you need to tell a story & must go 'Beyond the Mic.'

It's a conversation series with the best actors, artists, authors and people you need to know. Every guest is shared with authenticity, honesty and originality giving you content you need to share with others.

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