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The Rockin 8

Some interviewees have requested not to do the Rockin 8. What is it? It’s eight random questions from a collection of questions that make people think.

It started with an interview years ago. I could predict what they were going to say before they even started saying it. Because they had prepared for the “approved questions.” It made the interview I had, the same interview that everyone got. The radio tour asked the same who, what, when, where, why and how questions ingrained since school.

It was boring. I hated it. So at the end of the interview I threw out random questions. The interviewee got excited because it was not the same questions and it made them think. It started as five, went as high as ten, then my wife suggested eight.

And the Rockin’ 8 was born.

They are eight questions from over 300 that Sean drops in at the end of every interview. They could be about food, hobbies, current events. If you have one you want Sean to add to the list, drop a comment. The Eight has been called “interesting”, “eye opening” and stupid. No PR firm can prepare a guest for the Eight!

So my friends, you can prepare for an interview, you can prepare for the facts, but you can never prepare for the Rockin’ 8.

Bookers HATE the 8 –

“Is it possible for you to not ask XXXXX the rapid fire questions?  I’m not sure she would appreciate being put on the spot like that.   Thanks Sean! “

Sean D

Sean A Dillon isn't really his name, it's a pseudonym. Because of his dad's work he moved more than 15 times in the first 20 years of his life. Coming up to Lubbock to learn at Texas Tech University, he stumbled into a radio studio. He got a chance because the station manager was too drunk to keep it on the air.

His next job was for legendary KLLL-FM. Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings were past employees so he was home.

After arguing with his boss if he cheered for colors or for his favorite team he embarked on a 25 year, and still going, career. In one of the most rare things in radio, he has stayed at the same station for his entire professional career.

While still playing on the air he had great interview opportunities that never made it to air. Some were due to length, others were because of topic.He decided to flip the table on the rules. Any topic / guest is welcome, but you need to tell a story & must go 'Beyond the Mic.'

He hosts Beyond The Mic with Sean Dillon. It's a conversation series with the best actors, artists, authors and people you need to know. Every guest he talks with authenticity, honesty and originality giving you content you need to share with others.

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