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Robert Davi

Actor Robert Davi

You’ve seen him on TV & on the big screen in over 160 roles. He loves to sing Sinatra and his first movie was with him. Actor Robert Davi talks Sinatra, Father Brennan and singing when he goes Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon.

Michael Paré

Actor Michael Paré

You’ve seen him in “Eddie & the Cruisers”, “Streets of Fire” and been named one of the 10 most watchable men in the world. His latest film “Middleton Xmas,” actor Michael Paré joins Sean Dillon Beyond the Mic.

Gary John Bishop

Author Gary John Bishop

Best invention ever made was the printing press, he dreads writing and thinks people undervalue love. Gary John Bishop’s latest book is Wise as F*ck : Simple truths to guide you through the Shi*tstorms of Life. Time to go Beyond the Mic.

Jonathan Lipnicki

Actor Jonathan Lipnicki

You know the human head weighs 8 lbs because of him from his role in Jerry Maguire. He was one of the worst cooks in America but he heats things up in his new role as Chef in “Broil” Actor Jonathan Lipnicki goes Beyond the Mic. Beyond the Mic with...