Author Abby Schneiderman “In Case You Get Hit by a Bus”

Welcome Abby Schneiderman

We’re joined on the Starline by a woman who had a project postponed by the Iranian revolution, was the foursquare mayor of Tipping Points Partners and want you to organize your life in case you get hit by a bus. We welcome Abby Schneiderman

Let’s go Beyond the Mic, Abby, in the book you co-wrote with Adam Seifer “In Case You Get Hit by a Bus” you write about the plans we all need to take care of, but never do. You were working on Everplans before your brother died in an accident. How did that tragedy change the path you were on?

As COVID-19 hit, the needs for planning has been more amplified, how can your book help people before it is too late?

Passwords, bank accounts, insurance all seem to be insufferable and nightmarish for those who are left behind. Most important question we need to ask, has your husband shared with you the Netflix password yet?

Abby Schneiderman co-author of “In Case You Get Hit by a Bus” joins us Beyond the Mic. Abby, what’s the top 3 things everyone needs to do before they get hit by a bus?


There are so many tips in “In Case You Get Hit by a Bus”, which was the one that you did last?

You note in level 3 that even recipes are important to save for families. For my family it took an act of congress to get my grandma to write down some of her recipes…

I love at the end of the book your reminder to “clean things up” because nobody wants to see those love letters from high school…

How have you spent the time in quarantine and what have you changed in your habits since COVID-19?

Legacy letters would seem logical for people to leave those we love, but are rarely done. Why are they important?

The Rockin’ 8:

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

There is no Pressure.

1. What were you thinking when you saw your first body bag on the Hudson?

2. Favorite non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks?

3. Favorite place to think?

4. One thing people don’t know about you.

5. I know you like music from your time at Haystack, so last CD / Album or music you purchased?

6. One family event that always overwhelms you?

7. One thing you would like to tell someone you have lost?

8. Person you last gave a hug to?

Things I Almost Forgot:

Since Everplans were acquired by National Guardian Life Insurance Company, how will this change your day by day activities?

Your book was a kick in the rear for me to get onto some of those things I’ve missed.

Where can people find out more information about Everplans?

The Wrap:

She loves American Idiot by Green Day, loves to drink dirty martinis and loves Thanksgiving. Abby Schneiderman is the co-author of “In Case You Get Hit by a Bus”. We thank her for talking with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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