Baseball’s Untold Tale: Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Trial Exposed.

Unearth the untold trial of Shoeless Joe Jackson against the White Sox. Join Jacob Pomrenke and David J. Fletcher as they dive deep into baseball history. Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon brings you their insights.

Welcome Jacob and David

We’re joined on the Starline by the editors of a book nearly 100 years in the making. “Joe Jackson, Plaintiff, v Chicago American League Ball Club, Defendant: The Never-Seen-Before Trial Transcript” has the complete testimony from Shoeless Joe Jackson’s courtroom trial against the Chicago White Sox and team owner Charles Comiskey. Jacob Pomrenke is chair of the Black Sox Scandal Research Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and editor of Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox. David J. Fletcher is co-author of Chili Dog MVP: Dick Allen, the ’72 White Sox and a Transforming Chicago, which placed runner-up for the best Chicago nonfiction book of the year in 2022. We welcome the editors of this story Jacob Pomrenke and David J. Fletcher.

Friends, let’s go Beyond the Mic. Jacob, you’re the director of editorial content for the Society for American Baseball Research, why was this story the one you wanted to tell?

David, you’re an actual physician and medical director who developed the first national DOT medical certification training program. You’ve spent your life trying to clear Buck Weaver’s name. Why was this story important for you?

After combing through this testimony, what was the most damning fact that you saw?

David, you have testified in cases for medical trials. Joe was charged with perjury because his story “changed” over 4 years. Hell, if I ask you about something 4 years ago, would your story slightly change also?

Why was Joe done a disservice by his attorneys?

David, when you started to research this, what were your feelings for Joe and how did they change during this project? And your thoughts Jacob?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions, answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Which in person baseball memory do you treasure the most?

2. Favorite current baseball player?

3. Both of you a simple, yes or no, will Pete Rose ever enter into the Hall of Fame?

4. Which baseball statistic is the one you wish could be revised or eliminated completely?

5. If you could create a new stat what would it cover Jacob?

6. Pro or anti shift?

7. 1st baseball game you ever attended?

8. Favorite non baseball place in Chicago?

The Back Half:

Will the complete story ever be known?

““Jackson stands self-convicted and self-accused of perjury,” the Judge said. Admonishing Shoeless Joe, “you came to the wrong state, to the wrong city, to the wrong court.”” Joe Jackson was fairly or unfairly punished?

The Houston Astros were caught banging a trash can and miniscule penalties were offered to the team, but nothing for the players. If Houston players would have been brought to Judge John J. Gregory, would there have been a different decision Jacob?


How has cheating in baseball evolved and how has it devolved the game into statistics, shifts and into the pitch clock generation?

With Iowa / Iowa State college teams being affected by gambling scandals, are they being pressured into participating like Joe Jackson?

How ironic was it that the son of the lawyer for Joe Jackson’s became the first executive director for the MLB Players Association?

Should there be a wing of the Hall of Fame for players of greatness on the field, but less reputable off the field aka the Steroid Era?

In or Out:

Should Joe Jackson be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame and will he ever? David?

By keeping Joe out rather than putting him in, he becomes an outcast, like Pete Rose. If you put him and Rose in they are one of many who may not have been a perfect man but one of many. By keeping him out you are giving Joe power.

Since you love baseball, who is the best and worst commissioner for baseball?

Do you believe the Baseball Writers of America do a fair job electing members into the hall of fame or has recency bias affected who gets in?

One Big Question:

Why do you love baseball and how has your love of the game changed?

The Wrap:

Nobody likes the hold stat but they both love baseball. “Joe Jackson, Plaintiff, v Chicago American League Ball Club, Defendant: The Never-Seen-Before Trial Transcript” is the book. We thank the editors Jacob Pomrenke and David J. Fletcher for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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