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Actor / Author / Content Creator Carrie Berk

Carrie Berk in “Stage Fright”

We’re joined on the Starline by Actor, best selling author, currently on Brat TV’s “Stage Fright” multi talented Carrie Berk Welcome

Let’s go Beyond the Mic … you written with your mother and worked with her at an early age. How has your working dynamic developed over the years?

Your Cupcake Club series was a featured selection in New York Musical Festival.

How rewarding was it to take your book characters from print to bringing them to life on the stage?

TV Series or Tik Tok, which is more rewarding for you?

You’ve even gotten Grandpa into the act…

Is it special for you when you do a Tik Tok with your family members?

Who would you love to do a Tik Tok with when quarantine is all over?

21 books, 3 series, there are a multitude of characters under your watchful eye. Is there one character you’ve created that is the closest to you?  

Has there been one childhood experience that you wish you had the opportunity to redo?

Which one was harder Ballet or Off-Broadway?

So what have you picked up now for exercise?

Who’s more competitive you or your dad and who wins the race every day.

In your book Ask Emma, your main character encounters cyber bullying. How has your own experienced influenced Emma?

As a teen ambassador for No Bully, what’s the most common form of bullying you’ve come across?

Have you ever had someone come to you crying over bullying?

Fashion influenced your second series Fashion Academy. Which designers influenced you growing up?

What’s your favorite label

Who would be your dream collaboration?

You’ve said in previous interviews, your dream job would be Editor in Chief at Vogue Magazine, now has that changed the more involved you have gotten in the fashion world?

My son and you share something in common, being part of the Class of 2020. This class hasn’t had an easy time and has missed out on some of the normal moments for a typical senior skip day prom or even graduation. How has this affected you?

What do you want your peers to learn from this adversity?

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8 , 8 random questions answer with the first thing that comes to your mind: No Pressure

1. What’s the one thing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

2. Last gift you got your mom?

3. Favorite pair of shoes?

4. Favorite show to binge watch

My wife loves that show too

5. Guilty pleasure late night snack?

Little or soak it up with milk

6. Last board game you played and did you win?

7. 1st place you are heading to for vacation when quarantine is over

8. Everyone has one, what’s your secret talent?

Actor, Author, Content Creator and American Sweetheart, currently on Brat TV’s “Stage Fright” Carrie Berk, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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