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TagBeyond the Mic With Sean Dillon

Pat McGann

Comedian Pat McGann

His favorite cartoon growing up was Tom & Jerry, loves mushrooms on his pizza and does not snore.

His special Sebastian Maniscalo Presents – Pat McGann “When’s Mom Gonna Be Home,” is out now and Pat McGann joins me Beyond the Mic

Author Jim Butcher

He wouldn’t go to a con in disguise, can’t wait for his fans to read the next two books of the Dresden Files and would get punched in the face by Harry. Author Jim Butcher goes Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon. Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the...

Todd Borek

Meteorologist Todd Borek

He was a middle school three sport star, met Bob Barker and spends his nights trying to get the forecast right. From The Weather Channel, former stand-up comedian Todd Borek joins Sean. They'll talk sports, comedy and the 5 day forecast.