Actor Matthew Marsden

“I think it’s a movie that asks a lot of questions and encourages people to ask a lot of questions.” Welcome Matthew Marsden We’re joined on the Starline by actor, producer, singer and former model. You’ve seen him in “Black Hawk...

Movie Critic Ryan Jay

“Wizard of Oz” historian Ryan Jay loved the Oscars this year, wanted Spirited to win the Best Film award if “Everything, Everywhere…” couldn’t win it and never sat in the Jenny Jones audience for work. Time for a quick Beyond the Mic Short Cut.

Actress Haylie Duff

Welcome Haylie: We’re joined on the Starline by actress, singer, songwriter and most importantly mom. You’ve seen her on Napoleon Dynamite, 7th Heaven & her latest TV movie is “Sweet on You” we welcome Haylie Duff. Haylie, let’s go Beyond the...