Il Divo on Tour

Sebastian makes everyone laugh, they enjoy either going out or sleeping after a concert and want you to see them on the “A New Day Holiday Tour” Il Divo takes a Beyond the Mic Short Cut. Welcome Il Divo We’re joined on the Starline by members of the...

Author Mark Bego

Mark Bego fell in love with Joni Mitchell, the South of France & you will enjoy his Lebanese chicken. His book is “Joe Cocker: with a Lot of Help from His Friends.” Let’s take a Beyond the Mic Short Cut. Welcome Mark Bego We’re joined on...

Band Antisolar

They could have been called Star Pilots Alliance or Star Phoenix, but Antisolar just fit. Time to go Beyond the Mic with the creators of music from interstellar space, effectuated by Olivier Raynal & Andrew Doolittle otherwise known as Antisolar.