Director Kathleen Ermitage on “Mixtape Trilogy”

Welcome Kathleen

We’re joined on the Starline by a director, writer and producer. Her latest film is “Mixtape Trilogy” on the unique relationship between musicians and their fans. We welcome Kathleen Ermitage.

Kathleen, let’s go Beyond the Mic. Musicians are unusual people, with their own darkness and pains inside them. Fans think they know the artists. How did the writing and producing of this film change the way you see music?

So, who are the artists / bands that you are fans of and how has this film change the way you see them?

What’s the common link between these three artists that you picked? Did they change the way you looked at a certain thing?

Speaking of connecting how has your work as a co-owner of Stepping Stones helped kids connect with their future?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Last Cubs game you ever saw that didn’t involve work?

2. Best breakfast place in Denver?

3. Favorite place on the Northwestern campus?

4. What’s the most snow you’ve seen in a 24 hour period? 

5. What instantly melts your heart?

6. Who influenced you growing up to be a filmmaker?

7. Last time you made a mixtape?

8. What song best describes your life?

Where can people find the film?

One Big Question:

What’s the best & worst thing at a film festival?

The Wrap:

Her nieces and nephews melt her heart, she last a mix tape a bit ago but it was for a friend. Her favorite breakfast place is called Snooze. Check out her film Mixtape Trilogy. We thank Kathleen Ermitage for talking with us today.

And that my friends is a Beyond the Mic Short Cut.

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Check out the Mixtape Trilogy trailer

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