Actor J. Alex Brinson from “All Rise”

Welcome J.:

We’re joined on the Starline by an artist, painter, social entrepreneur, writer and producer. You’ve seen him on “Travelers” and “All Rise” we welcome the talented J Alex Brinson.

J. let’s go Beyond the Mic. Your character is a hustler, starting as a bailiff during the day, getting his law degree. He wants to make a difference. How similar is Luke to your own fight trying to make a difference in Philly?

You attended Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts High School before heading to Julliard. Why was that important to you and how did the elevated teaching elevate you as an actor?

Fighting Dyslexia from an early age. Went to summer school theatre camps and know you are a  TV series regular. What would you tell the students that look up to you and want to be you when they grow up?

The Rockin’ 8:

J, it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Things you do that drives your wife Sarah crazy?

2. Last three songs you heard?

3. Favorite of all your All Rise co-stars?

4. In one word sum up society today?

5. Can you play the harmonica?

6. What is worth fighting for?

7. Favorite TV to binge?

8. Who is your favorite villain or bad guy?

How did this experience & resiliency and this fight inside you change your life and how has your GB Group Creative made you better?

One Big Question:

You got to work with Geoffrey Owens, formerly from the Cosby Show recently for an All Rise episode.  How has his story changed your life?

Where can people find you online?

The Wrap:

J Alex Brinson can play the Harmonica, loves Suits both the TV show and wearing them and drives his wife crazy by chewing too loud. Catch him in “All Rise” on OWN. J, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is a Beyond the Mic short cut.

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