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Country Artist Will Banister

We’re joined in the studios by an artist influenced by Merle, Hank, George & Brooks & Dunn. Will Banister latest is “Everything Burns” and is available now.

Welcome Will Banister

Let’s go Beyond the Mic 2010 you released your debut album “Turned Her on to County”  What have you learned about the industry since that 1st album?

What was the switch that turned when you said I’m going to make music and make people happy?

 “When you lose a girl like her, everything burns,” where do you get your inspiration for the title track?

For someone who may not understand, how does a song come together?

Is it lyrics first, music first or a mix of both?

What about favorite key to play in?

Growing up in Eastern New Mexico

I brought up earlier about your influences. Who are the artists that you look to today?

Talk about your writing flow and how you keep from doing too many ballads or too many upbeat songs

Releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic has to be near impossible. You can’t play clubs, you can’t play gigs. How frustrated are you when you have something that you are really proud of ?

Of all the songs you have written, is there one that is so raw, that captures an emotion that you are hesitant to let anyone hear it?

Do you have a favorite memory of listening to music with your dad?

When did you have that first realization of “I’m doing what I love…”

With 4 kids, what bedtime traditions do you have?


With that passion you have, as your dad passes his love of music to you, you’re passing that love to your kids.

Why is music so important to you?

When people get to hear the project you’ve been working on for over a year there has to be some emotions you feel.

There is always a song that is so significant to you. Anyone says a bad word about it and you’ll start a fight, which song of yours is that fighting song?

With your music being put online, do you ever allow self doubt to creep in? Or is it, maybe people really like the music I’m putting out?

You really don’t want to fall back to welding again do you?

The Rockin’ 8

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions, answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

There is no Pressure.

1. Favorite George Strait Song

2. Finish this sentence, if I opened for ________________ I would consider my career a success?

3. Place that you want to play, but haven’t yet?

4. When you started recording with Nashville musicians, what was your first thought going through your mind?

5. Most interesting thing you did growing up?

6. Your wife Tessa’s #1 pet peeve about you?

7. If you could play with one artist who isn’t here with us anymore, who would it be?

8. Best piece of advice for your kids Kylee, Grady, Cody & Natalie?

Check out Will’s website here

Will Banister - Everything Burns Review
Will Banister – Everything Burns Review
Will Banister - Everything Burns Album Cover
Will Banister – Everything Burns Album Cover

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