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Eric Tyson Author of “Paying for College for Dummies”

Eric Tyson joins us…

We’re joined on the Starline by best-selling finance author Eric Tyson. He’s the only author to have four of his books simultaneously on Business Week’s business b est seller list. His latest book Paying For College for Dummies is available at a retailer near you. Eric welcome,

Let’s go Beyond the Mic, you worked your way through Yale paying a third of your college expenses. Was that through necessity or was it through a desire to not have a ton of student loan debt hanging over your head?

As you worked your way through Yale and then through Stanford, why was helping people manage their money better important to you?

In Paying College for Dummies, you break down several facts about paying for college. What’s the #1 thing most people forget but is the easiest for them to do?

One of the things I struggled with was getting through college in 4 years, I didn’t most people don’t. What tip do you have for students to get out in a reasonable amount of time?

Is college worth the expense?

In your opinion with colleges potentially moving to online teaching in the fall, is the traditional college path still worth the expense?

With the financial downturn from the coronavirus quarantine keeping athletics from the field, what could be the financial ramifications into the future for both universities and students? We didn’t have March Madness this year and the financial impact that smaller sports will potentially face could be devestating

Why is filling out the FAFSA the most important form for a student?

Like many other students, my son is heading to the University of Cincinnati in the fall. Is it too late  to make changes that can help him in the future?

One of the things I found most interesting in your book is negotiating a better price in financial aid. Can that really be done?


Author of “Paying for College for Dummies Eric Tyson joins us Beyond the mic, you’ve volunteered for many organization including Big Brother Big Sister, United Way and World Hunger Year. Why is giving back important to you?

You’ve taught personal financial management courses, can you see from class which students are going to be successful and which will be filing bankruptcy?

When you consult, you are an hourly consultant; you aren’t transaction or fee based?

The Rockin’ 8

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 rapid fire random questions, answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

There is no Pressure.

1. Favorite thing to do to relax?

2. What have you done to take advantage of your time in quarantine?

3. Which sport are you the most competitive in?

4. Favorite way to get rid of writer’s block

5. What’s your one guilty pleasure?

6. First major purchase you made after your 1st book became a best seller?

7. What’s the next financial mess are you going to tackle for a dummies book?

8. One thing you won’t pay extra for?

He likes to play squash once he found out it wasn’t just a vegetable and chocolate is his guilty pleasure. Best-selling author of personal finance books, his latest is Paying for College for Dummies, Eric Tyson, Thanks so much for talking with us today.

And that my friend is Beyond the Mic.

Join Eric at EricTyson.Com

Click the book to purchase Eric Tyson’s book Paying for College for Dummies

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