Documentary Host And Producer Bill Kurtis

Welcome Bill Kurtis:

We’re joined on the Starline by documentary host and producer, Peabody and Emmy award winner from “Cold Case Files” on A&E. We welcome Beyond the Mic, the legendary Bill Kurtis

Bill, let’s go Beyond the Mic. Only 1% of cold cases are ever solved. Why was showing some of these cold cases important to the 99% of cases?

Everyone has a favorite true crime podcast or show now. It’s the “in thing”, you’ve created “Investigative Reports”, “American Greed” and “Cold Case Files”. Of the over 1,000 documentaries you’ve narrated do you have a favorite?

Bill, you were going to be a lawyer. If you had stayed on that path, what kind of law would you have practiced?

One Big Question

With the attacks on what is true or fake news, what will the media have to do to regain the lost trust of the public?

Do you think the days of 1968 and today are similar and how?

In your offices you have incredible photos and artifacts from documentaries you’ve produced in the past. Is it for the memories? Or is it your personal wall of fame so people remember where Kurtis productions has been?

What’s your most cherished possession?

What is your next big project?

The Wrap:

You are always welcome back. From A&E, he grew up near Laura Ingalls Wilder’s original farmhouse, and would have been a personal injury lawyer. We thank Bill Kurtis for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is a Beyond the Mic Short Cut.

Cold Case Files are back with Bill Kurtis

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