Actor Blake Sauceda from “An Officer and a Gentleman: the Musical”

Welcome Blake Sauceda :

We’re joined on the Starline by an actor, theater nerd and improv practitioner. He’s performed in venues from Dallas to Beijing. On the road in the national tour of “An Officer and a Gentleman: The Musical” as Officer Candidate Zuniga. We welcome Blake Sauceda.

Blake, let’s go Beyond the Mic, you’ve been on the road since October after getting the role August of 2021. How did the 1st performance in Elmira New York go?

As this is your first national show, have any of the more experienced cast members given you hell?

How is this different from your theatre experience in the past?

How much weight have you lost or had to regain during this performance of this show?

Stars are very hard on judging their own performance. Blake, how hard is it every night, you might be getting a standing ovation but you know you in your heart you still had something left to give?

Where did you get your love of theater?

How many of the shows have your parents / family members showed up for and is it different when you know they are in the audience?

The Rockin’ 8:

We’re with Blake Sauceda from the national tour of “An Officer and a Gentleman: The Musical” Beyond the Mic and it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure Blake.

1. Which family member makes the BEST tortillas?

2. If you weren’t an actor, would you have like to play baseball or run the 5000 meters in track?

3. You’ve had several different hair styles throughout the years, which hair style photos are you trying to keep off the internet at all costs?

4. Most unusual thing you’ve done on a date? Lied about not being an actor

5. What is one life story you plan on telling your grandchildren? Germany sneaked off to Paris

6. Favorite Country Star?

7. Who has the nickname Corgi from the Oklahoma City U Competitive Pom / Dance team?

8. Favorite moment from Kappa Sigma Formal?

The Back Half with:

How did watching Jessie Mueller change the way you want to be a Broadway star?

You’ve performed all around the world. Dallas to Beijing Best stage you’ve ever been on?

How have you evolved as an actor since you began this path?

Favorite Broadway Musical?

Which is your dream musical you’d love to perform in?

Who inspires you every day?

Is there some such sort of competition between you and your stepmom?

Who else in your family was the 1st to call you and say “yes, you did it”!

First performance where you got a check was…

Social Media Post from the Past:

Time to take a look at a social media post Blake made in the past and if he can remember it. You said on social media “Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo have always been reminders for me to never forget my heritage and background. Your roots are right where you stand” How important are your roots for you, your family and your future?

As a military child, does this role hit you differently?

How is “An Officer and a Gentleman: the Musical” different than any other theater performance?

What do you want for future? What would make you happy?

One Big Question:

Blake Sauceda from the national tour of “An Officer and a Gentleman: The Musical” Beyond the Mic and it’s time for One Big Question. As you begin your career doing what you love, what do you tell the kid in school who is nervous about trying out for theatre? What do you say to them to say,”it’s okay, do it”?  Why

Talk about your cast and how you have been forced to come together after doing 8 shows a week, sometimes 9 when you got 2 doubles back to back, you really form a family.

Favorite thing you do when you’re on the road. What’s the one thing you try to consistently do when on the road?

Where can people find you online?

The Wrap:

Blake Sauceda’s grandma makes the best tortillas, once lied about not being an actor and is inspired by his step mom in the military. See Blake in “An Officer and a Gentleman: the Musical” coming soon in a city near you. Blake thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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