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Welcome Darren:

Publishers Note: Before you hear today’s show, we have a follow up message from our guest about a statement that was earlier released. That comment has been removed from the podcast. We apologize for its inclusion in the original broadcast.

Darren Redmond would like people to know that ‘At no time did the mother of the child participate in providing her child with illegal narcotics or any other type of narcotics, nor did she accompany her child to purchase any narcotics and did not know that he was doing that. She only found out from her son’s girlfriend after he had passed away.’

We’re joined on the Starline by a filmmaker, podcaster and leader. His crusade is to try and limit the paralyzing fentanyl crisis facing families everywhere. We welcome Darren Redmond.

Darren, let’s go Beyond the Mic. You were once a coach of the Brooklyn College Softball team, line coach for the football team. How do you go from there to helping families on what could be their darkest day?

We all have addictions from video games to watching bad reality shows. Some people are addicted to alcohol, sex to drugs. What are the scars you’ve hidden for so long?

Why did you have to get lost?

You have a wanderlust in your life, after a career selling yellow page ads, to now helping non-profits and schools. Why did that happen? How did your life change from employee, manager, regional manager, director, to now non-profits, schools and PAIN. What was the significant moment where you went from hunting money to helping others?

The synthetic fentanyl epidemic is growing exponentially. Has this epidemic grown to where people in power around the world will make choices to help it before its out of control?

Explain what Narcan does?

How does that make you feel?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Movie that no matter when it comes on the air, you always turn on to watch?

2. What do you put on top of a hot dog?

3. You’re a sports guy, what’s your favorite event you’ve seen in person? And did you live scorecard it?

4. Favorite cigar you’ve ever smoked?

5. Best memory you’ve had from Buck Owens Crystal Palace?

6. Favorite cartoon of all time?

7. What’s a typical workout for you?

8. You are a known Kindle reader, last book you read?

The Back Half with:

How has your wife helped you from life in the fast lane to a life of charity?

Why is that so crucial for you?

“Don’t Hide the Scars” is not only a documentary, but the podcast I’ve have the honor of guesting on. Why is this project so important to you?

If someone hasn’t seen the documentary, tell them about the stories and how hard was it to put it together?

It brings you back to the “it’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your children are?”

Brooklyn Nights:

Darren, you said “I miss Mary Queen of Heaven little league baseball and I miss that decade plus of music, fun and Brooklyn nights.” What makes those Brooklyn nights so wonderful?

How did those nights change the way you think today is?

How has respect changed from those these days to today?

Time for a blast from Darren’s social media past. You wrote once “A child alone on a Seesaw, cannot make it operate, much like in the same way we as adults cannot live full lives if we do not have others to share our ride through life with.  Others to help with our joys, burdens and love. We can only give if others are there to receive, we can only receive when others are around us to give.” How has life changed from your time growing up to now and what are your favorite memories from the past?

Darren Redmond on Grace:

Why do you feel grace is so important and so lacking today?

How has your own homelessness change the way you look at possessions today?

You believe in blooming where you are planted. Why?

How do you want people to remember you when you are gone?

Coming soon will be the second “Don’t Hide the Scars” documentary, what do you see as the future of this series?

And you wouldn’t mind this being shown everywhere.

One Big Question:

What’s the one wish you have?

The Wrap:

“Here lies everyone’s big brother” will be on his tombstone. He will always stop to watch the Wizard of Oz and always likes pulling out a scorecard when he’s at a baseball game. The “Don’t Hide the Scars” documentary is available online. We thank director, podcaster, dad, friend, Darren Redmond for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Don't Hide The Scars Darren Redmond

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