Author Liisa Jorgensen on “Far Side of the Moon”

Welcome Liisa:

We’re joined on the Starline by a writer & production manager for many Emmy award winning TV and film projects. Her latest adventure is writing “Far Side of the Moon” on Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman and his wife Susan. We welcome author Liisa Jorgensen.

Liisa, let’s go Beyond the Mic your work for TV and Film helped influence you on space programs. There are plenty of astronauts and their wives to choose from. Why did Susan and Frank’s story stand out for you?

Why did his acceptance of the project take a weight off of you making this easier?

Your help you husband Michael with his production studios. As someone who has written a book, how did he give you distance while you were trying to bang out 1500 words a day? How has he helped you in reading, editing, everything?

We all have things in our past that help motivate us today. You have your love of health and fitness. How did your story help you in telling their story?

What’s the one question you wanted to ask but held back, because it might have been too dark but Frank said, no it’s okay to tell this story?

After visiting the flight surgeon trying to heal his ear he was willing to quit to make it easier on the family but she won’t let him. Susan says “That is very true, darling, but you can’t quit. You can’t walk away from something you love, something that you have worked so hard for. There has to be a way.” She pushes him to continue his dream.

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. You’ve helped the Edmonton Humane Society and own a couple of dogs. Why is the love of an animal so unconditional?

2. Favorite thing your husband does for you?

3. Would you rather visit the Moon or Mars?

4. Have you ever left a movie before it was finished?

5. You own husband does plenty of non-fiction stories but what is the last fiction book you last read?

6. Last piece of good news you received?

7. Last piece of bad news you received?

8. After a hard day at work, what do you like to do?

The Back Half with:

How did your time traveling the world helping others, help make you a better writer?

As you started the interview process and the background for writing this book plenty of personal stories, some light and dark came to the surface. How did you balance telling their story with telling the story that needed to be told?

December 26th, Apollo 8 is heading back and their son Edwin walks in with a cast on his hand. Susan says “What happened to you”? Edwin gotinto a fight with his brother Fred and broke his thumb. Rather than worry their mom about it, they drove to NASA and the doctor x-rayed and set the bone. She wants to be the fixer. You want to be a fixer in your own life. How did her desire to be the family fixer so relatable for you?

It’s hard the closer you get to them to remain objective. How has this story changed you as an author and as a person?

Has the culture changed in your mind in the space program from the wives perspective from then to today?

After reading her letters. After seeing the love and passion in their marriage. Every writer leaves a part of themselves in their writing. How did Susan touch your heart?

Even though she is gone, her writing lives on. How does that make you feel?

How did the pandemic shutdown help or hurt your writing?

Beyond the Mic Social Media Check from Liisa Jorgensen:

“If you’ve never lost your mind, then you’ve never followed your heart…” How has this process of writing, researching and promoting this project help you lose and gain your mind?

One Big Question:

What’s the one lesson you want to share with others?

Where can people find you?

The Wrap:

Loves random peonies, would like to visit the moon, and loves cooking Moroccan food but she’s not good at it yet. Her book Far Side of the Moon is available now. We thank author Liisa Jorgensen for taking the time to talk with us.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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