Comedian Helen Hong on “Well Hong”

Welcome Helen Hong:

We’re joined on the Starline by a stand-up comedian, actress, director and much more. You’ve seen her in Parks and Recreation and my favorite as the head of HR in “Silicon Valley”. Her latest special was taped at the Tribeca Film Festival and “Well Hong” is available now. We welcome Helen Hong.

Hello Helen, let’s go Beyond the Mic raised in New York. How did growing up with your parents help you understand what was funny? Because what your parent as immigrants found funny and what you found funny and what everyone else found funny was completely different.

So what was your dream job growing up?  (laugh)

How has acting given you joy?

You’ve shared stories from your parents on a YouTube channel. During the pandemic you recorded those stories so they weren’t lost.  Why was it important to not only record those stories but to be tech support to your parents?

You have a unique ability to make people laugh. When you work with someone you have strict standards. You don’t want any anti-Asian jokes and jokes that put people down. Which female comedians make you laugh?

What’s your favorite moment from UMass Amherst?

The Rockin’ 8:

We’re with Helen Hong Beyond the Mic, her special “Well Hong” is available everywhere. It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure but I’m going to put you on the spot as a Trekkie with my 1st question

1. Rate these Star Trek series in order from most to least favorite: Original, TNG, DS9, Discovery, Voyager, Picard and Strange New Worlds?

2. What’s the 1st thing you notice about people?

3. Favorite bourbon?

4. If you are on death row and the warden asks you “what do you want for your final meal”?

5. Best place to go to the beach?

6. One place you enjoy vacations to?

7. Thing you do to relax?

8. Last thing you binge watched?

The Back Half with:

Helen, you’ve been a headliner for years. How has comedy changed for the better and for the worse since you’ve started?

You once said you wanted to be “judged for the content of my character, my actions and my words”. Has Hollywood changed enough for you to be judged that way or are you still fighting?

How does the love of a foster animal make you feel?

You have your hard 6, those perfect 6 minutes of stories and jokes that you have honed to a t. When do you feel like you have to change it up , is it a feeling or you don’t get the laughs that you used to?

We talked earlier about you being tech support for your parents. I have that problem myself. Every time I go to my parents they ask me to fix the printer. It’s been broken for 2 years but the refuse to replace it and ask me to fix it every time I come into town. How have your parents aging changed your perspective of family and life?

Clubs are closed, stuck at home. How did the pandemic help and hurt you as a comedian?

If you could headline a show with 3 dead comedians, who would you want to share a stage with?

Who was your mentor in comedy and who are you mentoring for the future of comedy?

Helen, who inspires you today to make you want to be a better person?

One thing people don’t know about you? Cant fall asleep if her feet are dirty?

How hard is for you to sleep on a daily basis?

How has James Hong influenced you as an actor?

One Big Question:

What are you dreams for the future?

The Wrap:

She loves relaxing in Venice Beach, want to visit the Maldives and want you to watch “Well Hong” wherever you can. We thank Helen Hong for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Helen Hong has a website. Check it out here.

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Watch Well Hong…

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