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Welcome Laura

We’re joined on the Starline by sex coach to the stars, author and a friend of the program. She has sold more than 2 million copies of her book “101 Nights of Great Sex” and her appearance today sadly will be her last for this book. We welcome author of a great Valentine’s Day present Laura Corn.

Laura, let’s go Beyond the Mic. Love is complicated, but after 30 years of perfecting your craft, you have the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Why is it perfect for the one you love?

The book is to be used, not read and it forces you out of your comfort zone.

Men are idiots when it comes to the ones we love. We think we know what you want but what do women want in 2023 after being stuck at home during the pandemic?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. What tragic love story do you relate to?

2. Who are you mentoring for the future?

3. What’s the biggest blooper you have never lived down?

4. Why did you choose sex coach as a profession?

5. What board game describes your love life now?

6. Place you love to visit on vacation?

7. When you are in a relationship, do you believe in separate or joint bank accounts?

8. Who would you like to have one more special moment with?

The Back Half:

I heard you went to Amsterdam last year, I gotta know WHAT HAPPENED!

Why was doing that important for you?

Now that this is the end of this chapter of your life, what’s in your future?

Where can people find you on social media?

How has your life changed from this experience?

You look like you’re happy again with Charlie.

You have saved the best for last, what are your 3 BEST tips for this Valentine’s Day?

One Big Question:

How has Charlie doing after his battle with Cancer and what does his love mean to you?

Where can you find the book?

The Wrap:

Backgammon is the story of her love life, loves Amsterdam, and hopes to mentor every woman for sex. Author Laura Corn, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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