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Welcome Reena:

We’re joined on the Starline by a woman who used to hear the chant “Jerry, Jerry” at work. A well-timed one-liner once got her a job. Reena’s on a mission to take risks, not know a stranger, and didn’t want a co-host to back out on her, so she asked her dad. Her podcast is “Better Call Daddy”, we welcome Reena Friedman Watts,

Reena, let’s go Beyond the Mic. How do you go from a sports medicine and vocal music major at Charleston to helping others as a marketing specialist?

You live for a story, there’s always a story you’ve either researched, discovered or shared. How has your own story changed from 920am WBAA to today?

Reena, you are a marketer of yourself and others. What do you get out of being on someone’s show after booking hundreds of people on other people’s show?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Best ride at Kentucky Kingdom?

2. Have you ever beaten your father at chess?

3. Typical Starbucks order?

4. When you were pregnant, what was the disgusting combo you ate?

5. Best thing about your husband Will?

6. Which famous person would you love to have as a business partner?

7. Have you ever invented a fairly unique drink or meal combo?

8. What’s the most sentimental photo you have of you and your dad?

The Back Half with Better Call Daddy Co-host Reena Friedman Watts:

What makes your podcast different than anybody else?

Growing up, what did you think you were going to be?

How has your family reinvigorated who you are and how you’ve changed your identity from Hollywood to helping?

Reena, I could ask you about any topic, and you’d have a story. Relationships, miscarriages, celebrities, family, marketing, entrepreneur, parenting, sports, politics, self-improvement, careers and LinkedIn you would have a story to tell. But what are you afraid of?

Everyone has challenges in their lives. Adversity makes most of us stronger. How has your will been tested and why do you believe you are where you are today?

Are you happy with the way you are now?

You’ve talked about being betrayed by business partners. How has betrayal changed you? You may not get back what you give.

Burnout is important to avoid, but when you have such high expectations, it’s hard to give up a project or task to someone who can’t deliver to the level you expect.


You have a goal of helping others. Whether it is teens to make better college decisions, help entrepreneurs, or helping seniors in communities. Where did your servant’s heart come from?

How did the pandemic quarantine change you as a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur?

Producing Jerry Springer, working with MTV, VH1, Nanny 911, Judge Alex, Hot Bench and more. How did those times feed your soul?

Bouncing from job to job during those early years after college. Did those jobs and those experiences strip away your humanity or add to it?

How did the trip to Israel change the way you look at work and the balance between work, family and yourself?

What three things do you think of most every day?

Social Media:

Your first tweet Christmas Eve 2008 was “searching twitter”. Did you find what you were searching for?

Best movie you used to see in Louisville KY back in 2009 for 6 bucks? You used to go to the National Amusements Showcase Cinema Stonebrook in Louisville. Bargain Tuesdays.

Biggest success and you can’t talk about your kids…

What’s the one story that mean the most to you?

How has the relationship with your mom changed and evolved from resentment to now?

One Big Question:

“My dad has been my guiding force my whole life, there’s nothing that he doesn’t know and I want to share that with the world.” How do you prepare for a day when your dad isn’t on this earth anymore?

The Wrap:

Her first concert was Michael Jackson, loved watching 24 and enjoys a Cinnamon Dulce, Check out Better Call Daddy Podcast wherever you find podcasts. Reena Friedman Watts thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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