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Court TV’s Ashleigh Banfield

We’re joined on the Starline by one of the top crime journalists in television. Her latest project is “Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield” on Court TV. We welcome Ashleigh Banfield.

Welcome Ashleigh

Let’s go Beyond the Mic Working in media is like riding a roller coaster without the safety bar. How has Court TV given you creative freedom to deliver a show like this?

Was there a case as you re-examined all these cases for the show made you think. “Wait a minute, I don’t remember that?”

So many cases you could have chosen for your first episode. How easy or hard was it to pick the first case?

You’ve interviewed a who’s who list of entertainment, politicians and stars. Which interview, may not have even been anyone famous touched you the most?

You’ve introduced your kids to some great rock & roll, since the Coronavirus outbreak, concerts have been silenced. What’s the 1st band you want to see when music starts playing again?

Every city where you moved to won the Stanley Cup (Edmonton, Calgary, Dallas, New York (New Jersey). Your friends in Winnipeg want to know when you’re moving up there.

How have you survived quarantine?

I like my quarantine also, I know what you are saying.

Her latest project is “Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield” on Court TV, Ashleigh Banfield thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.

And that my friends is a Beyond the Mic short cut.

Ashleigh’s new show is on CourtTV

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