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Author Jen Lancaster

Welcome Jen:

We’re joined on the Starline by a New York Times bestselling author and comedian. Her latest book is “Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic”. We welcome Jen Lancaster.

Let’s go Beyond the Mic Jen, this world is nuts. Political turmoil, COVID, virtual meeting without pants, how have you survived?

You have seemed to thrive while the world is suffering through the neurosis of COVID.

How have you managed your Generalized Anxiety disorder without going down the rabbit hole of WebMD or Facebook friends?

Speaking of things we need to improve, body image and parent shaming. We really don’t need parents yelling at their kids while playing sports like absolute crazed lunatics.

As my dad says, when you start paying rent, you can start making decisions

The Rockin’ 8

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions, answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

There is no Pressure.

1. One thing that you weren’t afraid of before COVID that you are terrified of now?

2. Which of your pets is the most ill behaved?

3. Favorite holiday side dish?

4. Apple or Pumpkin pie?

5. Thing that drives your husband Fletcher crazy…

6. Favorite mixed drink

7. Have your husband ever finished reading one of your books?

8. Since my wife watched hallmark Christmas movies year round and I know you love them. Favorite Hallmark movie cliché.

The Wrap:

Her book is “Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic” available at Amazon. Where can people find you on the web?

It’s our friend Author Jen Lancaster, Jen thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Buy Jen’s Book at Amazon

Check out her website here

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