Welcome Al Pitrelli:

Joining us on the star line is a friend, a brother from another mother. He is the musical director and original member of the World Wide sensation Trans Siberian Orchestra, Al Pitrelli Welcome

Let’s go Beyond the Mic Due to COVID you’ll be doing a first-ever live stream event “Christmas Eve and Other Stories Live in Concert” on December 18th

How hard is it not going on the road?

Both East and West crews have come together in Omaha for countless rehearsals in the past. How is it different because everything is different than in the past due to COVID.

Over 2100 shows performed by both East and West coast crews of TSO how does it feel to team up with TSO East, people that you normally only see in Omaha for staging once a year, for one giant show?

Well, if we’re going to talk about the fun, I will never be remiss in asking about your inspirational friend. The man who every year added 3 more tractor trailers to the show. I can’t have a conversation with you without talking about the man that was Paul O’Neill.

We talked before we came on air about my battle with COVID. With no tour, now a live show, these last six months were difficult for you too.

The charity giving that is built into TSO continues to this moment. How important is giving back to you especially now when people need help the most.

Rockin’ 8

Time is running out my friend, you’re not getting away from it. It’s time for the Rockin’ 8 first thing that comes to your mind: No Pressure:

1. Last three non TSO songs you heard?

2. Thing you’ve done the most during quarantine

3. Person you haven’t seen because of COVID but you want to give a big hug to?

4. What always puts a smile on your face?

5. Favorite Sandwich

6. Who is the best guitarist of all time?

7. Where do you see yourself next year at this time?

8. Favorite game to play?

How are you feeling as we battle COVID, losing friends to it, the frustrations are slowly boiling over losing people to COVID.

How special is it for your daughter and your family to sooth those days when things aren’t the same?

The Wrap:

He’s loves chicken parm , he wants to give his mom a hug and is ready to share his talent with “Christmas Eve and other Stories Live in Concert”. Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Al Pitrelli, safe travels my brother and we’ll see you soon.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Things you need to know:

Al is one of TSO’s guitarists and musical director. He is also an original member of the group.

Unable to tour in 2020 due to COVID, TSO will be bringing its Yuletide magic into fans’ homes to keep their rock holiday tradition alive with its first-ever livestream event – “ Christmas Eve and Other Stories Live In Concert ” on December 18th.

Tickets for this livestream event can be purchased at the family-friendly price of $30 at band’s website: Trans-Siberian.com OR
TsoLiveStream.com. Viewers will have 48 hours to watch the event following its initial airing.

This livestream event will feature TSO performing an all-new staging of its beloved “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” Rock Opera

TSO Favorites:

The “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” Rock Opera which is based on the group’s triple-platinum album of the same name and follows a story by TSO’s late founder / composer/lyricist Paul O’Neill.

The “Christmas Eve & Other Stories” story is set on Christmas Eve when a young angel is sent to Earth to bring back what is best representative of humanity. Following favorite TSO themes of “strangers helping strangers” and “the kindness of others,” “Christmas Eve & Other Stories” takes listeners all over the world to help reunite a young girl with her distraught father.

The show will include enduring fan favorites such as “Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24,” “O’ Come All Ye Faithful,” “Good King Joy,” “Promises To Keep,” and “This Christmas Day” among others.

TSO remains one of the most philanthropic bands having donated MORE THAN 16 MILLION DOLLARS to worthy charities throughout North America through past ticket sales.

TSO Live Stream Event with Al Pitrelli

Listen to Al’s other stops Beyond the Mic here

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