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Heather Youmans from “I Can See Your Voice”

Welcome Heather

We’re joined on the Starline by a professional performer, artist and publicist. She won Del Mar TV Idol and a recording session when she was 12. You may know her as the Tap Dancer, on Fox’s “I Can See Your Voice” We welcome Heather Youmans.

Let’s go Beyond the Mic. Before we talk about Shine, your history in tap or anything else, we need to know, do they have sounds playing in your ears while the judges are talking so you don’t react to their words?

How do you keep a straight face when people are saying, “Man she might be able to tap but she can’t sing?”

We all play the game while watching, making our own guesses, but did you make guesses in your head while your show was actually taping?

Heather Youmans the Tap Dancer from “I Can See Your Voice” joins us Beyond the Mic. So are you are held in separate rooms before the taping and how did the friendships, like you’ve said with the phlebotomist start after the show was taped?

How long was the day taping that one episode? What do you do once you’re eliminated? Are you sent back to your dressing room or are you able to see the rest of the episode backstage?

Heather, why was performing on “I Can See Your Voice” so important to you?

Tap is such a physical exertion and then you have to start singing.

Heather talks Tap

Heather Youmans the Tap Dancer from “I Can See Your Voice” joins us Beyond the Mic. Now that we got the show questions done, let’s talk about tap. You’ve been doing tap for a specific health reason. Tell us about it.

What words of wisdom has your parents given you as you have been on this 20 year road of entertaining?

You sang at the Staples Center, but it all started at a concert for Unicef…

As a MBA recipient from California State University you’ve hustled every day through a day of publicity for Fender, then you have practice or when times were better a gig, plus writing and creating music. How has time management become vital for you and What things have you had to sacrifice so you can be successful?

The Rockin’ 8

Time is running out, so it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions, answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

There is no Pressure.

Now I heard that you found Beyond the Mic because of Taryn Papa from “The Voice” and if you haven’t sent Taryn a toy llama you need to #SendTarynALlama

1. Favorite Jazz musician alive or dead

2. Your husband Jon has played with Julian Lennon, Steven Tyler and more. How supportive has he been on your path to stardom?

3. Worst tap outfit you ever danced in?

4. The perfect weekend getaway has what in it?

5. I know you’ve performed musicals, favorite musical

6. Favorite thing from your time at Heartbreakers: The Women of

7. You work at Fender so I have to ask, favorite guitar to play?

8. How do you decompress?

The Wrap:

She once tapped in a Flintstones themed leotard, like to relax by watching Gilmore Girls and loves “Wicked” Heather Youmans, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Heather wants you to listen to “Shine”

Buy Shine here

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Relisten to Taryn Papa going Beyond the Mic here and #SendTarynALlama

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