Keaton Eckhoff from “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story”

Welcome Keaton:

We’re joined on the Starline by a theatre star that you will see soon. He’s moved from playing the 4th Cricket to the lead in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. We welcome Keaton Eckhoff.

Keaton, let’s go Beyond the Mic. It’s been a long road from the Cincinnati Wedding show to lead of the national tour. You’ve worked for Kings Island and Busch Gardens, did you ever feel you would get here?

How did your parents help you develop your love of theater…

Gotta put your feet to the fire, what’s your favorite musical and why?

Talk about that road from regional theatre to the lead of a national show. How did working at Wagon Wheel Playhouse and Fireside Dinner Theater develop you for this role?

We’re talking with Keaton Eckhoff, lead for “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” national tour. How did those lessons helping the crew ground you? You’re probably willing to help your ground crew from your past work more now.

From someone who was a performer on Norwegian Cruise Lines, what is the life for a lead vocalist on the cruise? Is it like show, show, show? As long as the ship is moving, you’re singing…

As you travel the country on this tour you make stops to Texas and Iowa where Buddy Holly’s story began and ended. What are the emotions you get as a performer when you are not only portraying a famous person but playing to areas where Buddy made an impact?

Why have you fallen in love so much with the music? Is there a specific reason the music has touched you so?

We’re talking with Keaton Eckhoff, lead for “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” national tour. What makes music from this time so timeless?

Stars are very hard on judging their own performance. What do you think Buddy Holly would say about your performance?

The Rockin’ 8:

It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. First record / cd you ever bought?

2. Favorite warm up song?

3. You are a lyricist, what do you struggle the most with when you are writing?

4. Favorite 3 internet sites?

5. Thing you have to do to get to sleep on the bus as your travel?

6. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made on stage?

7. What drains your energy?

8. One thing you miss when you’re on the road?

The Back Half with Keaton Eckhoff

Keaton, how old were you when you did the Trojan Condom commercial and what do you remember about it?

Where’s favorite place to eat when you are finally home and what do you like to eat?

First performance where you got a check was…

One Big Question

What’s the one dream you want to accomplish before you turn 30? 40?

Where can people find your music and you online?

The Wrap:

Social media drains him, once was in a Trojan Condom commercial and loves his Skyline Chili. From the national tour of “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” we thank Keaton Eckhoff for taking time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

Keaton Eckhoff (Buddy Holly) has been performing professionally since the young age of 17, He has performed on cruise ships, theme parks, regional theatres, and been blessed to have performed in over 33 countries.  He is so grateful to be returning back to this show after the pandemic shut us down in March of 2020 and encourages everyone to get vaccinated so we can continue to perform and do what we love. All glory to God and his family who have brought him this far.

Follow his journey at his website here.

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