Therese Curatolo talks “Braille”

Welcome Therese Curatolo:

We’re joined on the Starline by a singer-songwriter that lights up a room. You’ve seen her as part of Postmodern Jukebox, Metropolitan Opera and Cirque Du Soleil. Her latest project is the pop/retro anthem “Braille”. We welcome the talented Therese Curatolo.

Therese, let’s go Beyond the Mic. You sing, you act, what’s the one thing you can’t do no matter how hard you try?

So if you have to do a dance routine it takes you longer to catch on?

Unless they are in the world of entertainment, people don’t have the understanding of what an entertainer’s life is truly like. You’ve been on the road with Postmodern and Cirque, describe a typical week on the road if you can?

Therese Curatolo joins us Beyond the Mic, when you’re out on the road, how do you balance your time? You have the “I’ve got to be prepared for tonight but hey look over there that seems cool” a squirrel moment and boom, you’re gone!

So what’s the best item you’ve ever found thrifting?

You used to model jewelry, how would you describe your style?


You wrote “Braille” while stuck in quarantine. Why love is so hard and how did your own heartbreak feed into “Braille”?

You brought up Reno, Therese Curatolo joins us Beyond the Mic, you have a bachelor’s of vocal performance from the University of Nevada Reno. How did your education prepare you for the real world?

How has the time at UNR changed you?

What was high school like growing up? There’s got to be a good story from high school.

1st role in high school drama

So what happened to him?

You even had people pushing you to be a part of Glee…


Don’t call her Theresa, Therese Curatolo and she joins us Beyond the Mic, What are you obsessed with?

My sources tell me you’re obsessed about one thing, let’s see if you can guess it.

Let’s talk about your unhealthy obsession with something that you created Man Bun Monday. Tell me about that?

As people find your work they are going to discover a young woman with such a kind old soul. Where does the old soul come from? How did your parents help develop that old soul?

Therese Curatolo joins us Beyond the Mic , Therese do you feel that music doesn’t have the same heart now than it did in the thirties to the eighties?

Why do you feel that that pool is so shallow?

If you could sit and listen to one jazz and opera record as you watch the stars from your backyard at home, what records would it be?

You are a spark plug, 5’ 3”, what was the worst outfit you’ve had to wear in your career?

The Rockin’ 8:

Therese Curatolo joins us Beyond the Mic. You’ve been dreading this but… It’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.  There is no Pressure.

1. Growing up, what celebrity fan clubs were you a part of?

2. First album you bought when you were young?

3. Who is the most creative person you know?

4. Favorite comfort food? Momma takes you out, where’s the one place you have to go because it’s the one place.

5. Are you a hypochondriac or do you believe you never get sick?

6. Best place you’ve ever been and the place you still want to visit

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

8. What made your late cat Soosh so special to you?

The Back Half with Therese Curatolo

You are part of Scary Pockets and Postmodern Jukebox, Jason Robert Brown said “I continue my unhealthy obsession with Therese Curatolo’s voice and invite you all to share it with me.” How do you feel when people compliment you like this?

You’ve been a singer and a model, which was harder and why?

How did your time at Burning Man change you?

What musical would you do anything to have been a part of?

We’ve made you laugh, cry and think. What sacrifices and choices have you made that you probably wouldn’t do today so your dreams could come true?

As a songwriter, you put your soul on the page, what’s the one song you haven’t shared that you’re afraid might be too dark for us to hear? Every song you put a piece of your heart into. Is there a song you don’t want to share that piece of your heart yet?

So for you to grow as an artist and for you to grow as a person, you have to be able to let that heartbreak go for you to move on?

Viva Las Vegas:

If given your own show in Vegas, where would you want it to be and who else would be in it?

You have got a sassy, no-nonsense attitude to you. When the camera is off and social media is put away, who is the real Reese Tea?

How have you changed from when you 1st belted out a song when you were 14 to today?

How has your sobriety changed the way you see yourself?

You’ve talked Loggins, Messina, McCartney and Chenowith, who is the hero that if they knocked at the door you would have no words?

One Big Question with Therese Curatolo

You’ve basically nude modeled for Franz Szony, acted in “Caskets & Strippers” for Discovery ID and performed a duet with Stevie Wonder. Do you have any regrets?

 Why are you America’s best kept secret?

The Wrap:

She can’t get enough of Chinese chicken salad is part of the Spice Girls / Brittany Spears fan club and was on Discovery ID. She wrote her 1st song at 14, her latest song is “Braille”. See her out on tour with Postmodern Jukebox and Cirque Du Soleil soon. We thank Therese Curatolo for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

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Enjoy “Braille” :

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