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Welcome Shane:

We’re joined on the Starline by a multimedia journalism professor from Oklahoma State University. He used to review Oreos and pizza but is a YouTube star with over 50 MILLION VIEWS because of a Marvel video game. We welcome Professor Shane Hoffman.

Shane, let’s go Beyond the Mic. Nothing has come easy for you in your life. Happiness, love, family. Let’s start in the beginning, you were born in San Antonio and moved to New Mexico. You faced adversity growing up with your fellow triplet brothers and your mom. Talk about the house you lived in growing up.

Government housing, food stamps and trying to survive painful poverty what was Christmas like in your family? 3 boys trying to share soap, clothes and a razor

Did your mom make you get jobs as you grew up? I can tell from your voice that luxuries were luxuries and you didn’t need everything.

You talk about having to walk miles from the top of the mountain, how much freedom did that give you?

You found a career you wanted to chase in seventh grade, sports writing. Why was that so appealing to you? Was it a feeling that I can do this and it could take me away from all of this?


Who were your sports heroes growing up?

How those heroes have fallen…

We’re talking to YouTube content creator “ProfHoff” Beyond the Mic. Shane, every time adversity stepped up to your plate, you didn’t back down. You didn’t have a choice. You headed to the only school you applied to Missouri, taking student loans and a dream. How did leaving from the top of the mountain for college free you and yet become a different type of prison?

How did that fear motivate and scare you?


Your dreams had to morph and change. How drastic did your dreams change from leaving the top of the mountain in New Mexico to heading to the plains of Missouri?

We’re talking to YouTube content creator and Oklahoma State professor Shane Hoffman Beyond the Mic. “Best professor ever. Hoffman is the kind of teacher that makes sure he is teaching you. With group projects it can be difficult to feel like you are still getting individual attention from the prof, but he is adamant about ensure each student benefits from his class. “– What do you say to a student who you made such an impact in their life?

How has Oklahoma State and other professors’ look at your teaching style? Other tenured professors would be giving so many tests and quizzes, while you’re looking toward actually making a student better and more prepared for the real world?

You fought your way becoming a McNair Scholar. When you go home and tell your mom, not only am I going back to school, and taking care of the loan I took out, I’m going to teach others. What did your mom think when you told her you were continuing your education?

He’s Shane Hoffman, professor at Oklahoma State joining us Beyond the Mic. Your story would be called “improbable” if it was made into a movie, and we’re halfway telling your story, We haven’t gotten to you becoming a YouTube star with over 50 million views of your content.

The Rockin’ 8:

Well, it’s time for the Rockin’ 8, 8 random questions; answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. There is no Pressure.

1. Best football game you’ve ever seen?

2. Non Marvel / DC movie that you can watch again and again?

3. Place you never ever want to visit again?

4. Person who inspired you to be a teacher?

5. Best advice you were ever given?

6. What emotion is your least favorite and the hardest for you to understand?

7. Best type of steak and how do you have it cooked?

8. Who was the best basketball player of you and your brothers when you played in Ruidoso?

The Back Half with Shane Hoffman (Prof Hoff)

10 years ago this month you started a side gig, 50 million views later, you earn more money from YouTube than from your daily job. Does that number blow you away 50 million views?

You have haters and passionate fans, how did this job where you earn more money than your salary as a professor start?

120 countries, how does that change a person?

Your students have also gotten the benefit as you are teaching them creation of their own YouTube channel.

Different between good content creators and bad content creators

What are the importance of content creators in your mind?


Do you regret canceling your engagement to your fiancé?

Looking back after your therapist recommending you do something out of your comfort zone, would you do anything different?

Responding to every post from your listeners often takes you multiple hours, but you do them. Some people would say that it isn’t the best use of your time but you still do it. Why?

When the video game shuts down, and you have to move on, what will be your next project?

Do you remember your 1st pun on Twitter? “I wouldn’t consider my verbose verbiage to be what is described as “cool,” but when I tweet about birds they’re exceptionally fly.”

Family is so important to you. What’s your favorite moment with your family?

First big gift you gave your mom?

One Big Question with Professor Shane Hoffman

Do you feel like love is obtainable to all or just a lucky few?

The Wrap:

He was the best offensive basketball triplet in middle school, John Elway was a hero and will always watch Remember the Titans. Professor Shane Hoffman thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

And that my friends is Beyond the Mic.

You are never alone…

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