Binge Watching Beyond the Mic – June 2023

What are the great new shows to binge watch? We’ll talk with Chris Woolsey to find out as we go Binge Watching Beyond the Mic.

Welcome Chris Woolsey:

We’re joined on the Starline by senior director of communications for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, the faceof Crackle and Redbox, author, speaker and environmental studies superstar Chris Woolsey.

Binge Watch:

Chris, let’s go Binge Watching Beyond the Mic. You’ve got three great services under your roof. What’s the best Comedy to watch in the next 30 days?

School is out and time to talk about best kids show. We’ve talked in the past about our favorite cartoons, but what’s your favorite kids show right now?

My dad isn’t allowed to watch the good action movies in the house so he’s sent out to his man barn. He told me he’s going to be watching a Richard Dreyfus movie. Hope he watching it on your network.

We’ve gone 10 minutes and we haven’t talked about Nic Cage movie. Wondering if you are sick.

What is the advantage for your networks? You said it earlier, people don’t have to pay. While the entire streaming world is contracting, you guys are expanding. How are you thriving? For the record I don’t get compensated for these conversations.

Underappreciated show that you love?

How many shows do you and your family watch on a daily basis or on a weekly basis? How do you keep track and separate family time when you might be watching something that might be good for your networks in the future?

Crackle TV series of the month?

Redbox movie of the month?

I’ve talked to her, and my wife loves the show, so I don’t care what you might have brought in, I’m going to force you to talk about Tara Lipinski and the Chicken Soup TV series to watch Wedding Talk.

One Big Question:

If there is one movie, show or thing you were able to see that people MUST not miss, what is it?

The Wrap:

Senior director of communications for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, the face of Crackle and Redbox Chris Woolsey thanks for going Binge Watching with us.

And that my friends is Binge Watching Beyond the Mic.

Best Comedy

Alan Partridge (Redbox)

Best Kids Show

Jackie Chan Adventures (Crackle)

Best Action 

Daughter of the Wolf (Crackle & Redbox) 

Best Horror 

Willy’s Wonderland (Crackle & Redbox) 

Most Underappreciated 

The Woman Who Wasn’t There (Chicken Soup for the Soul) 

Crackle TV Series of the Month 

Ripper Street

Redbox Movie of the Month

The Healer

Chicken Soup for the Soul TV Series of the Month 

(Sean made it Wedding Talk)

ONE movie or show on ANY of Your Platforms Listeners CAN’T Miss 

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street

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